My opinion – by Rui Oliveira

How to scout players Today I’ll be addressing two very common questions: how many observations must one execute before signing a player, and should a player be signed only considering the video observations. In my opinion, there isn’t a defined number of observations required to sign a player. If we […]

Match Analysis Course by VO Sports

VO Match Analysis Course took place in August 5-6-7, at our Headquarters in Portugal. During 3 days, a multinational group of students had an intensive program, lead by Videobserver CSO – Fernando Sousa. How to analyse your team and your opponent was the first theme, lectured by Professor Daniel Barreira. […]

Passing technique exercises

Intro In modern soccer, passing technique is considered the key principle of the collective game. After a brief conceptual approach, we will present a series of exercises to work passing technique through contextualized plays. In soccer,  the pass is part of the collective technique – the actions that can put together […]

Soccer training drills – Core training in 1 foot

In soccer it’s necessary to master a set of motor skills, and for that a functionally strong core – capable of generating mechanical anchorage alongside hip movements regardless of the speed, is required. To achieve such responsiveness, we have to adapt accordingly, working on the dynamic stabilization of the trunk while the extremities produce movement.  What are […]

Drills to work on High Pressure

Intro In this topic, we will approach the importance and possible benefits of a good and organized high pressure. Is not easy to play 90 minutes pressuring on the opponent’s half, but in some moments of the game, it can make the difference. This is the kind of game situation […]

Scouting Report – Ragnar Sigurdsson

Background Sigurdsson, a 30 years old center back from Iceland, plays currently at FK Krasnodar from Russia. With 60 games for his National Team, was a starter in every Group A qualification for this competition. This season played 40 games, averaging 71 minutes per game. Scored 4 goals and 2 […]

Scouting Report – Éder

Éder is a 28 years old striker, currently playing for Lille OSC. He was considered the best winter transfer for the French League 1. It wasn´t a consensual choice, however Fernando Santos never gave up on the conviction that Éder could have an important role in the team. In this […]

Profile Analysis of Rafa Silva

Rafa Silva was born in Barreiro 23 years ago, on May 17, 1993. He is the biggest signing for the national champions in Portugal, for the 2016/2017 season. Here you can find a brief profile analysis for the new SL Benfica signing. Rafa is a high quality player. Excellent in 1-on-1 […]