Create Highlights

Learn how easy is to create online and offline highlight reels for your team

1. Open Elite and click on Highlights

2. Fill the segments on the left side of the window. First click on Choose a Team and select the team that you want

3. Click on Matches and then select a single or multiple matches.

4. If the video is not associated, it will appear an exclamation point.

5. You can associate the video from your PC directory

6. Or you can associate the video from the VO Stats (if associated in there)

7. Click on Players and select the ones you want

8. Click on Actions, and select the actions to appear in the highlights and then click on Filter

9. If you need, can select also Tags or Observation System

(1) Choose Tag

(2) Or Choose Obs.Sys.

(3) Select the tag

(4) Click Filter

10. Now you can see the clips or add them to your highlights creation

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