5 Mistakes in Video Match Recording

Video Match recording is the core tool of analysts. When we have to record a game for later analysis, there are some common mistakes we can make. Here we name a few to help you in the process.


1-Search for the field when you start your trip for the game.

Start preparing the game in advance. You need to know where and when the game will be held and if there were any late changes to the field and. Try to know how long it will take to get there and remember, do not get there at the exact time the game begins.

The observation starts with the warm up. There you can see the lineup, the focus of some players and so on.


2-You can’t record the game.

Do you have the necessary gear to record the game? Nice. What would you do if it rains, for example? You need to create multiple scenarios in your head and solve them. Put that plan into practice and get the material you need for every scenario.

Do not forget to take what you need if the camera/batteries do not work. We advise you to take at least 1 Camera fully charged, 1 tripod, 2 batteries, pen & paper, rain cover and 2 empty memory cards. Also, setup the camera according to your needs.

Shooting Plan & Angles

3-Record the game in the goal stands or in the lowest rows.

As we stated in our article “5 Steps of Analysis”, you have to adapt your position in the stands according to your goals. If your goal is to analyze some opponent, you should use an open angle to record the whole time. If you have the chance, get yourself in the middle of the stands to have the same distance to the left and to the right.

Regarding set plays, you should zoom in. The players are really close to each other and it’s easy to get confused about the target players or the ones who make man-to-man marking for example. With the zoom in, you can observe it better at home.


4-Celebrate some goals or talk to the players in the field.

To create a good video, it’s crucial to control your emotions. You need to be immune to what is happening in the field and the stands. It’s hard to focus 100% during the entire game, especially when your team is playing, but it’s crucial to do that.

If you control your emotions, you will be able to follow all the plays and be watchful, regardless of your specific goals – filming the entire team all the time for example.


5-Get distracted from the game with your surroundings

You can link this to the previous one. Maximum concentration during 90 minutes it’s hard. Try to relax, stretch your legs and talk to someone during the break. Do not get distracted with the fans on the stands. If it is the case, keep an eye on the communication system in the bench. You can see things they cannot.

It may sounds crazy, but you can make some comments to the video during the game. This will help in the analysis after the game – name the substitutions and the tactical changes for example.