My opinion – by Rui Oliveira

Please, let the kids play! (part 2) Due to the important role directors play in soccer and player evolution, it is crucial that they respect the different stages of players development and create the necessary conditions for coaches to properly fulfill their duties without thinking that their job is at risk just because they aren’t winning. Instead, […]

The Portuguese Win

Portugal won in Denmark  after 40 years. The goal was late, but the victory was well supported and deserved. But let’s get to some statistics that support this opinion. First of all, Portugal had some intensive offense. Something we didn’t see against Albania. But the most interesting fact is that […]

Training Session – Defensive Organization + Offensive Transition

Training Session where the focus is on defensive organization and offensive transition moments. Previously to this training session every sub-moments of the defensive organization have been trained several times. This means the players already had an interesting level of acquisition. 4×4+J – 3 Lanes Time 10′ Main Goal Body direction in the contention […]

Ano 2014 – Projeto NOVO

Depois de alguns meses a trabalhar com o VO na observação e análise de de futebol, acabou por se criar uma equipa jovem que se empenha antes, durante e depois do JOGO. Ao longo dos meses temos tido a oportunidade de conhecer profissionais que nos educam na arte da observação, […]

European Championship 2016 TV App is the best of the year – Partnership MEO & Videobserver

Powered by Videobserver, the TV App “Europeu 2016” from Portuguese TV operator MEO, has been awarded best Tv App of the year. This app was developed  for UEFA European Championship broadcasting. The 10th Edition of  Navegantes XXI Awards promoted by ACEPI – Portuguese Association of Electronic Commerce and Interactive Advertising, rewarded the best eBusiness […]

Manager Profile – Fernando Santos

Career Fernando Santos, born in Lisboa, Portugal on 10/10/1954. Was a professional player starting his career in SL Benfica, and representing Marítimo and Estoril Praia. Is know for his strong religious belief, family connected and charismatic speeches. Started is coaching career in Estoril Praia, right after his retirement as a […]

The intelligence in modern soccer

Modern soccer Stopping, thinking and seeing what has changed is always an interesting exercise. Modern soccer is made up of trends and you need to know them in order to understand the game in its essence. In recent years, a paradigmatic sign of how soccer has evolved is given to us […]

Inter-operator reliability of VO SPORTS™

The purpose of this study was to measure the degree of inter-observer reliability for the sports analysis company VO SPORTS™. The football match corresponding to the 2014 World Cup final was the sample for the study. Data was collected from 28 players, including the actions of the goalkeepers and the […]