FC Porto: A new dynamic

New coach, same players, different approach – this is the best way to describe FC Porto start to the 2017/18 season. The pre-season indicators were confirmed in the first official game, a resounding 4-0 home win over Estoril. Without new players so far (except some key returns from loan and the […]

The 3 man build-up

It is very common in today’s game to have a team defending in a 1-4-4-2 shape. This trend is not new and it reached the peak of perfection with Simeone’s Atlético Madrid. This structure is very effective defensively because of the existence of two lines of four, which makes it easier to […]

Statistical data and empiricism

Nowadays the coach needs to be prepared to justify themselves for the team’s results. More than his perception wether the result is fair or not, the presentation of data is one of the best argument. Assuming that the team that wins is the deserving one, because they scored more goals than the […]