Drills for Pressing in Soccer

Pressing in modern Soccer, broadly discussed specially at a time that Offensive Transition is one of the best ways to get closer to the goal. Blocking your opponent and recover the ball has an extreme relevance and to do that we use Pressing.

But what is Pressing? It’s the tactical action that “intimidates” your opponent when they have the ball, with the intention of getting the ball back. It also allow us to make the opponent lose the ball or constrain the technical-tactical intentions of the other team.

Note: According to the number of players involved, “Group” means some of the players realize the pressing and some don’t; “Collective” means every member of the team pressure the ball together to recover it.


  • Reduce spaces in terms of width and depth
  • Get density and depth in the active ball zone
  • Pressure the player with the ball
  • Close marking to the closest players
  • Guide the pressure to the most convenient lane – side lanes or central lane
  • Regulate the position in case you’re unsuccessful


  • Right after you lose the ball?
  • When you are losing or winning only?
  • Every time?


  • Defensive or Offensive midfield?
  • In a chosen area or a chosen player?
  • Right where you loose the ball?

Drill 1

Rondo 4×2


Rondo 4vs2 with 3 fixed teams. Ball possession against 2 players in the middle. The team that loses the ball makes the defensive transition and tries to immediately pressure the ball carrier.

Pay attention to

Quick lost-ball reaction to recover the ball as soon as possible. It can be done by the one in contention (directly) or by the one in coverage (indirectly)

Achieve it by disarm or passing line interception.

Drill 2

Ball Possession – 9vs7+2


Ball possession 9vs7+2 – 1st  Phase of Construction

Offensive Organization: 8 Passes without stepping in the offensive midfield and can attack the goal in the entire field 9vs9. If they made 8 passes gain 1 point. If they score a goal, gain 3 points.

Defensive Organization: Pressure the ball in the offensive midfield. As soon as it recovers they have 3 passes to put the ball on the 2 players in the coverage and then attack the goal 9vs9 in the entire field. If they gain the ball and the ball gets to the coverage they get 1 point. If they can score a goal, get 3 points.