Edit Match Information

Learn how to edit a match in VO Stats

1. On top menu select Matches

2. Select the match you want

image-30.png (739×212)

3. On the right menu click on More Options

4. Click on Edit match

5. Now edit all the information you want:
(1) Match Type
(2) Date and hour
(3) Final score
(4) Bench and lineup
(5) Player
(6) Add player
(7) Staff

5.1 Click on match type to choose a category

5.2 Click on date and hour, to edit

5.3 Click on final score, to edit

5.4 Click to select the player to bench or lineup

5.5 Click on the edit button to edit player number, name, position and time on field

5.6 Click on the button add player, to create a new player

5.7 Insert the name in the box, and click on the button Add to associate the coach

6. To save the change click on Next on the bottom of the page

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