Discover Tactical Analysis

Learn how to view the Tags you used in VO Elite organized in VO Stats

If you want to see how to create a tag in observation system, click here
If you want to see how to use tags in VO Elite, click here

1. On top menu select Matches

2. Select the match you want click on the result

3. Click on the button Tactical Analysis

4. You can see all Collective Actions

5. To see the Collective actions you want, you need to click on it (ex: Method – Transition)

5.1. Click on the circle you want to watch the collective action

5.2. Click on button 100-/12 to see the number and % of the Method you selected

5.3. Click on button 00:00 to see the duration of the Method you selected

5.4. Click on Clear button to reset all changes

5.5. List with all Transition actions

6. Click on VO Menu to filter by individual actions

6.2. Click on the action to select individual actions

6.3. Click on button All Actions to select every individual action

6.4 Click on button check to save the changes

7. Final result with the filters you selected

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