Discover the Stats Zone

Learn how to use deep statistics with video performance in VO Stats

If you want to filter analysis data in Stats Zone, click here
If you want to generate a player report in Stats Zone, click here
If you want to generate a season report in Stats Zone, click here

1. On top menu select Stats Zone

2. Select the Team

3. On the right of your screen click Filter choose the filters you want to get the information you need

4. You can choose the information you need through filters

4.1 You can filter by Match, By Player, By Position

4.2 You can filter by Match (can choose one or more)

4.3 You can filter by Players (One player, two or more players and All Players)

4.4 You can filter by Locations (Home, Away or All Locations)

4.5 You can filter by Positions (Goalkeepers, Defenders or All Position)

4.6 You can filter by Results (Won, Lost or Draw)

4.7 You can filter by Match Types

4.8 You can filter by Team

5. Click on Run It to see the stats with the chosen filters

6. Click on the action to highlight your stats

7. See the video of the actions you selected

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