The Off-Season, when champions are made: #1 What tools are you using to evaluate your performance?

At some point in our sports life, we’ve all heard this quote: “Champions are made in the off-season”. This is usually related with physical or technical abilities that can be improved by athletes during the off-season in order to have marginal gains in their performance, but have you ever thought that as a coach and a leader, the same can be applied to you?

In the last years, technology has changed our ability to look at player and team development by making it easier to reflect on previous seasons, look at video, data or even presentations that were made during the season. Knowing what technology facilitates these days, what tools are you using during the off-season to understand what went right or wrong? How are you evaluating your performance as a coach, but also your team’s performance? Performance isn’t always directly related with results: sometimes you win when you deserved to lose, other times you lose when you should have won under normal circumstances. But emotions and the season adrenaline aside, are you looking back at these factors? Do you have enough data, video or content stored that can facilitate this process?


As I said in the beginning, the off-season is not only important for athletes. This is where I, as a coach, not only reflect about what went right or wrong, but set my goals for the future by having clear Key Performance indicators, individual and collective goals for my players and team, and understand how our development can be measured based on previous performances. For the month of July, these are some of the topics that we’ll be covering here in the Coaches’ Corner and showing you how our tools and services apply to the modern coach.