My opinion – by Rui Oliveira

Motivation for success Success! Word that means “Being successful at something”! In sporting terms, I think we can divide success in four different roads: Those who make a sports career with dedication as good athletes of their favorite sport, but without titles or financial gains; Those with talent, but that […]

Game model and players relationship

The game model The game model is nothing more than a set of relationships that the coach idealizes. Whether offensive or defensive, everything ends up in the relationships of the player with and without the ball. Relationships involving decisions and therefore also the individual, the player, each of the players […]

My opinion – by Rui Oliveira

Please, let the kids play! (part 2) Due to the important role directors play in soccer and player evolution, it is crucial that they respect the different stages of players development and create the necessary conditions for coaches to properly fulfill their duties without thinking that their job is at risk just because they aren’t winning. Instead, […]

The Portuguese Win

Portugal won in Denmark  after 40 years. The goal was late, but the victory was well supported and deserved. But let’s get to some statistics that support this opinion. First of all, Portugal had some intensive offense. Something we didn’t see against Albania. But the most interesting fact is that […]

Drills for Pressing in Soccer

Pressing in modern Soccer, broadly discussed specially at a time that Offensive Transition is one of the best ways to get closer to the goal. Blocking your opponent and recover the ball has an extreme relevance and to do that we use Pressing. But what is Pressing? It’s the tactical action that “intimidates” […]

Training Session – Defensive Organization + Offensive Transition

Training Session where the focus is on defensive organization and offensive transition moments. Previously to this training session every sub-moments of the defensive organization have been trained several times. This means the players already had an interesting level of acquisition. 4×4+J – 3 Lanes Time 10′ Main Goal Body direction in the contention […]

Ano 2014 – Projeto NOVO

Depois de alguns meses a trabalhar com o VO na observação e análise de de futebol, acabou por se criar uma equipa jovem que se empenha antes, durante e depois do JOGO. Ao longo dos meses temos tido a oportunidade de conhecer profissionais que nos educam na arte da observação, […]