Handball EHF Champions League – FC Barcelona vs PSG Handball

On the titans match, the most wanted game of the Handball EHF Champions League from group C (9th round), FC Barcelona (1st) and PSG Handball (2nd) clashed in a disputed match even with both teams already through the Last 16 of the Handball EHF Champions League. The match was expected to be head to head but FC Barcelona just runned over their PSG Handball with a clear 19-09 in the first half.

With both teams rotating their less used players the 2nd half was more level headed ending with a parcial 19-19 with Garcia Robledo (5/8 goals) in evidence. Over the entire game FC Barcelona showed their superiority through deadly fast-breaks (7/9) and good 6 meter combinations (10/11) thanks mostly to the exhibitions of Victor Tomas (10/13 goals), Nikola Karabatic (9 assistances), Sorhaindo (3/3 6meter goals), Noddesbo (3/3 fast-break goals) and the keeper Sterbic (9/25 saves) against the not so inspired Luc Abalo (3/4 goals) , Mikel Hansen (1/2 goals) and an unlucky Sierra (15/53 saves). It is important to point out that the defensive work with the two teams showing a lot of gaps in the lines mostly in the second half giving more importance to the offensive combinations since both teams were already through the Last 16 of the Handball EHF Champions League.