Convert your Videos to mp4

Learn how easy is to convert a video with VO Converter

1. Select Login and log with your VO credentials

2. At the main menu select Convert File

3. Select the option that you want:

(1) Join files (if the game was filmed with more than one video and you want to join those multiple videos into one mp4 file – recommended)

(2) Convert file (if you want to convert your game video into an mp4 file – recommended)

4. After you selected Convert Files on step 3, will appear this screen

5. Now, Select the output quality you want your video to be converted

6. Drag the video file that you want to convert (You can use ADD FILES and choose from your PC repository)

7. Select the final file name of your video.

8. Select Convert to initiate the conversion.

Easy, Faster, Better

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