Start using VO Live

Learn how easy is to start using VO Live, our real-time analysis app

1. Create your first Match:

1. Select New Match

2. Choose if you want create a Home Team, Away Team or both. For example, to create the Home team click on New

3. Choose the team name and click OK

4. The team is now created. To create the players, click on the plus button

5. On the right side of the screen, fill the player informations and click on SAVE

6. Click on Start Game to start the analysis

2. Start Tagging your match:

  1. Once the match is created, you can start to analyze the game

2. If you want to change the direction of the attack, click on the arrow between the game score

3. When the game starts, click on Touch to Start

4. To tag an action, click on the zone of the field where it happened

5. Select the player that made that action

6. Choose the action that occured

7. In some actions, you need to select the zone where the action finished

8. The action is now registered

3. View Stats during the Game

  1. To have access to the information registered, click on SC logo, and then click on STATS

2. Select the actions you want to see

3. Filter by Team, Position or Players

4. Filter how you want to see the data

(1) You can see the quantitative data if you click on the list button

(2) Switch between Heatmaps and Actions

(3) Breakdown Data by course of play. All actions are oriented towards one direction

Easier, Faster, Better

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