Create a Team/Players

Easy steps to create a team and players in VO Live

If you want to create a team in VO Elite, click here
If you want to create a team in VO Stats, click here

1. Insert your personal information access to your user account

1.1 Insert your user email

1.2 Insert your user password

1.3 Click LOGIN

2. Click on New Match

3. Choose if you want create a Home Team, Away Team or both. For example, to create the Home team click on New

4. Choose the team name and click OK

5. The team is now created. To create the players, click on the plus button

6. On the right side of the screen, fill the player informations and click on SAVE

7. Your player is now created. To add more players, repeat the process above
8. To edit player info, press the name for 2 seconds, and then, the menu with player description will display on the right side of your screen

9. To confirm the creation of the team and the players, click on Start Game

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