Install VO Live (Computer)

Quick and easy steps to download our Real-Time Analysis Android App on any computer

If you want to download VO Live in your android device, click here

1. Go to a browser and search:

2. On the top right of your screen click LOGIN

3. Insert your personal information access to your user account

3.1 Insert your user email

3.2 Insert your user password

3.3 Click LOGIN

4. After you are logged in

4.1 On top menu click on your profile image

4.2 Click Downloads

5. When you are at Downloads page

6. Search for VO Live (Smartcoach) and click Download.

7. On the bottom left wait for the download to be completed

8. Now, Install:

9. Open BlueStacks

10. Click on the previous apk download of VO Live (Smartcoach)

11. Click on Smartcoach icon inside BlueStacks

12. Login into VO Live Smartcoach with your user account:

12.1 Insert User

12.2 Insert Password

12.3 Click LOGIN

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