Create Custom Actions

Quick and easy steps on how to create a custom actions in VO Live (Smart Coach)

1.Click on the Smartcoach (SC) logo to open the Smartcoach Menu

2. Now select the Custom Action Settings

3. On the custom action settings menu, you must click on Create New Custom Action as shown in the image below

4. The first step is to name your new action in the New Action Name field

5. Then you can change the color by clicking the Pick Color button

6. Now just choose the color you want

7. You now have 3 different ways to register your actions

(1) Normal – manual registration, with click to start and end the clip

(2) Quickfire – the clip is saved from the moment you click on the field and it records X seconds before and X seconds after – you choose Time Before and Time After

(3) Auto On – click to start and click to finish the recording of the action, knowing that VO Live save the clip with X seconds before – You choose the Time Before you want

8. Additionally you can select the Show Counter, Show Timer or both

(1) Show Counter – Shows the number of times a custom action is selected

(2) Show Timer – Shows the playing time corresponding to the custom action you selected

Example: The tag “Offensive Organization” was clicked 3 times with a correspondent total time of 00:18 seconds for the orange team

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