Set up Individual Actions

Learn how to edit and set up individual actions to use in a game in VO Live

1. In order to reduce or increase the number of individual actions that appear in your menu, you need to:
(1) Click on the logo SC(smartcoach) located in the upper left corner.

(2) When the settings menu pop up just click on the Field action settings button

2. In the field action settings you can select the actions you want to be available, so that when you record individual actions, your work is adjusted according to what you want to analyze. 

3. On this page you can also change the order of the actions by clicking once on the action you want to move and clicking again on the place you want it to occupy

4. If you want to change the name of any action, just click over the action button for about 2 seconds and the editing menu will allow you to:
(1) Change the action name
(2) Change the color

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