Create Subtitles in Highlights

Learn how easy you can create subtitles in the highlight reels using VO Elite

1. When you have your highlight already created, click on + to add the clips in a playlist
2. You can see the clips that you selected

3. Click with the left button of the mouse and choose the pencil to edit

4. On the clip edition you can add drawings subtitles or edit the time of the clip. Select Add subtitles

5. If you select Auto will enable the description of the action when you view the clip 
6. You can see the subtitle of the clip

7. Enable the comments by clicking on the Comments
8. Comment the action

9. To finish the editing, click on the check button on the top right

10. On the menu of the playlist you will have 3 buttons to enable/disable the subtitles for every clip.
(1) – Description of the action
(2) – Numerical count
(3) – Comments

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