Customize a Tag

1. Click on Analysis

2. On the right screen click Start Game

3. On the right screen click again Start Game to go to your match.

4. Click on the definitions button to access to the edit area

5. On the right side of the screen will appear the setting to customize your tag.

6. Insert the Action Name

7. Insert the Shortcut

8. Select the Color

9. Choose the type of Tag you want – Normal, that starts when you click the first time and ends when you click the second time

10. Choose the type of Tag you want – Quickfire, you only click once and the clip sets the time before and after defined by you

11. Choose the type of Tag you want – AutoOn, you set the time before the first click and to finish the clip click for the second time

12. To save click on the Check button

13. The new Tag is now available on the list.

14. Click on the a Tag you want and drag it to the box

15. Click again on the Check button to finish the process

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